[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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"Well, she has some useful skills at least," Alex adds. "None of us 
could pilot a boat."

ooc: Does Louissa have body armor and some sort of weapon which is 

Alex Bayne wrote:
> [Sia]
> Sialillion's expression darkens.  She replies in Elven, "I see... you 
> do not intend to survive the final battle..."  She looks at the rest 
> of the party, as if for the first time considering that this trip to 
> Rath-Iren may be a one-way journey for everyone.  She then approaches 
> Talas, places a hand on his shoulder, and continues in Elven.  "Even 
> if that is the case, swear to me that you will not take stupid risks, 
> that you will keep fighting until there is truly no more fighting to 
> be done.  You do no good to anyone a corpse."  Her words come out 
> angry and forceful, but her expression betrays a soft mournfulness.  
> She keeps her eyes fixed on Talas's for a time, then looks away.  "I 
> will honor your wishes in regards to the girl."  She says finally, 
> also in Elven.
> "Talas is right, we shouldn't burden the garrison with the girl," she 
> says in American to the rest of the party finally.  "But Talas, you 
> take responsibility for her.  If she becomes a liability, you have to 
> do what needs to be done for the sake of the party.  The fate of the 
> world hangs in the balance, and I will not have our quest undone by a 
> stupid, spoiled girl.  Now we've stood here running our mouths long 
> enough.  Let's go get Osiris and Louissa and get out of here before 
> the Last Bridge crumbes from our inaction."
> [/Sia]

"Amateurs study tactics; professionals study logistics." 
"Wannabes study Maus and other fantasy specifications . . . ."

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