[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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>>> [GM]
>>> Meanwhile, back at the ATVs, the same snow storm is making keeping
>>> a lookout all but impossible. Carlos loses sight of the army,
>>> though hopefully any chance of them catching sight of him is also
>>> eliminated.
>>> A fierce wind is howling, but the company can almost sense some
>>> sort of canines, maybe wolves as well. The temperature outside is
>>> also plummeting, and is now nearly -4 degrees (-20 degrees
>>> celsius).
>>> It's then that Owen and Carlos pick up distant voices, though how
>>> distant if they can be heard in this wind and snow? Somewhere a
>>> little ways to the south a guttering blue flame appears, then,
>>> maybe twenty feet away, another, and quickly another and another
>>> and another, quickly moving to encircle them.
>>> [/GM]

>>> [Amanda]
>>> "We've got to go." Amanda hisses into the radio, hoping that Alex
>>> and Sia are listening. "I think we're about to be under attack."
>>> [/Amanda]

>> [Ted]
>> "Back to the vehicles!" Ted calls out. He slides in behind the 
>> driver's seat in his ATV and aims his rifle out the window.
>> [/Ted]

>> [Amanda]
>> "That's right folks!" Amanda shouts. "If you can pull a trigger, I 
>> think we might need the guns."
>> Amanda waits until everyone is getting into her ATV, even if that 
>> means while they're still hanging on to the doors, and guns it for a 
>> gap in those blue flames.
>> [/Amanda]

> [Ted]
> "Can one of you operate the cannon?" Ted asks the others in his 
> vehicle. "I can do it, but someone else would have to drive."
> [/Ted]

"Roger that!" Alister shouts, jumping up to the weapon controls.

> [Talas]
> "Wait until I position myself on the roof before you move out. My 
> Weapons are too big to use in this vehicle." With that said Talas 
> quickly hopes out of the ATV and climbs onto its roof. He then finds
> a spot were he can brace himself. And then readies his AT-600 Rail
> Gun. Talas then opens a comm. link and tells the others "Ready."
> [/Talas]

> [Owen]
> Owen will mount his cycle, and ready his rifle, and tell the others 
> "Ready".
> [/Owen]

> [Carlos]
> After checking that his weapons are functional, Carlos will get ready
> to let loose on any bad guys.
> [/Carlos]

OOC: I'm assuming by this that folks are ready to fire.  We'll play fast 
and loose with the combat here...

The snow abates for a moment to reveal a dozen little blue-skinned 
dwarf-like creatures that are familiar to a few members of the company. 
  They hold black staves and are advancing on the company.

"Not these guys..." Amanda moans.  She guns the vehicle, nearly running 
over one of them.  She aims the vehicle for one of them [Strike: 13] and 
the creature stumbles [Dodge: 1], and with a loud crunch, the ATV 
bounces over it.

Another one of the blue dwarfs shouts something very loud that sounds 
something like an incantation.  A bolt of red light leaps out and 
strikes Lady Frost's ATV [Strike: 21] and seriously melts one of the 
doors [Damage: 40MD].

Alister fires a blast from the CR-4T at another one of the creatures 
[Damage: 20MD].

Two of the creatures fire blasts, one at Ted's ATV and the other at 
Amanda's.  The one at Amanda's misses, knocking down a stand of trees. 
The other creature's attack hits Ted's [Damage: 10MD], but only does 
minimal damage.

Talas fires his rail gun [Strike: 13], hitting two of them [Damage: 23MD 
  a piece].

Owen fires his L20 on one of the blue dwarfs (Strike: Natural 20!, 
Damage: 46MD.  The creature stands it ground, though its clothing has 
been vaporized and its skin looks something like an overcooked hot dog.

Carlos fires on the final blue dwarf [Strike: 14, Damage: 18MD].

The company manages to punch threw the barrier of blue dwarfs, and a few 
appear injured, though it's hard to say what precisely it means for such 
odd creatures.  However, others now are in pursuit, and for tiny legs, 
these creatures seem remarkably fast, moving at least thirty or forty 
miles per hour.

"I wish Osiris were awake." Amanda says.  "He'd like to take a few 
potshots at thosed automatons."  Seeing curious looks from some of her 
new companions, Amanda shrugs "I'll tell you later."

"Let's not gloat yet!" Alister says, firing off a few more shots. 
"They're in hot pursuit."

[Meanwhile, at the stand of purple trees...]

>> [GM]
>> Both Alex and Sia, miles away, can hear a staticy transmission from
>> the rest of their party.
>> "We've....go....we're...be under attack."
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Turning towards Sia, Alex states, "There is no way that we can offer 
> any support. Our best idea is hunker down and stay hidden."
> [/Alex]

> [Sia]
> Sia looks back towards where they came from. She looks like she's 
> about to protest, but then simply sighs, exhausted. She replies to 
> Alex with a nod and finds a good spot to crouch down behind some 
> trees, readying her Shadow Meld if anything happens.
> [/Sia]

"Yes, your friends do seem to be in some dire straits." a voice says 
behind Alex and Lady Sialillion.  They turn to see what at first looks 
like one of the purple trees.  The tree suddenly distorts, until 
standing before them is a tall, bark-skinned humanoid, with a long, 
moss-like beard, two piercing black eyes, a long nose that looks, if 
anything, like a branch.  Two spindly arms and thick legs complete the 
image of something half-humanoid, half tree.  In his hand is a tall, 
gnarled staff of what looks like living wood, glowing bright, vibrant green.

"I'm helping your friends as best I can." the creature says.  "The 
K'murd-faka's accursed servants are on their trail, and I'd hate to see 
them find my home, seeing as we're such good friends from way back."

[Meanwhile, back on the run...]

As Ted, Amanda, Carlos and Owen race their vehicles, they begin to smell 
and odd odor in the air, almost like spring in a forest, thick humus, 
sprouting plants and young trees.  Though they're traveling fast, it's 
almost as if roots are appearing out of nowhere just behind them, 
tripping the blue dwarfs that Amanda called "automatons".  Trees seem to 
lean in, branches swinging low.

In front of them, the forest seems to open up, creating a road.  The 
higher branches close as if to block them from being seen.  Carlos is 
forced down to near ground level, the branches and leaves far too thick 
to permit to get too much altitude.

The path seems to be leading them towards the trees that Carlos had 
sighted, and then after a few minutes, the stand of purple trees are in 
view, as well as a giant that looks like half-human, half-tree.  Alex 
and Sia are not in sight.

The tree-man looks at Alex and Sia and says "There, your friends have 
arrived, largely safe and sound.  I suggest they cover those vehicles up 
very fast.  Your enemies may have lost you, but they'll be on the 
lookout, and I can't keep this all up for much longer.  Once everyone is 
settled in, then we can get you into a warm spot and have a bit of a chat."

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com

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