[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Owen, T ed, Sia, Alister and Louissa

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> > [GM]
> > With Owen left far behind, Ted swims like a fish towards the tentacle
> > and Louissa.  He is now fully inside this tunnel, the water becoming
> > saltier and more buoyant.  He is now within thirty or forty feet of
> > Louissa, and can clearly see her, looking unconscious, her arms
> > undulating lifelessly in the current.
> >
> > And then, almost out of the corner of his eye, Ted sees the strangest
> > thing, what looks like a submarine, resting on the floor of the canyon.
> > It must be about eighty feet long, perhaps twenty feet at its widest,
> > with a conning tower, and several prominently located laser cannons.
> > There are no running lights on, and it certainly looks to be dead.
> >
> > Suddenly Ted looks to be in trouble.  Where his powerful lizardine
> > strokes were pushing, suddenly he seems to be flailing weakly.  Owen
> > can't see clearly what's going on, but his companion is clearly in
> > trouble of some kind.
> >
> > And as if that wasn't enough, the tentacle stops, drops Louissa,
> > and with lightning speed moves towards Ted.
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Desperately, Ted tries to simultaneously regain control of his body
> and warn Owen of the danger.
> [/Ted]

> [Owen]
> Owen, seeing the change in Ted and the tentacle's behavior, will
> continue to try to catch up with Ted.  Once close enough, he will
> attempt to shock the tentacle with electroknesis, since he has
> no weapon that will help in this instance.  [Strike: 2]
> [/Owen]

Though Owen's electrical burst misses the tentacle, it is not without
effect.  It electrically charges the water around Ted and the tentacle.
The tentacle pulls back a good twenty feet, as if it's been stung.  As
to Ted, the electrical current at first paralyzes him and then, oddly
enough, seems to break the hold of whatever it is that's weakening
him.  After a moment he finds his strength and senses returned, though
he does feel like he's stuck a fork in an electrical outlet.

Beneath them, Louissa is floating away, carried by the current back
towards the swamp and away from the cavern, still seemingly lifeless.

The tentacle, seemingly over its shock, suddenly moves at great speed
towards Owen, whipping past Ted at such speed that it literally turns
Ted around.  Out of the corner of his eye, Ted sees what appears to be
running lights suddenly coming on in the submarine.

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