[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Alex, Carlos, Talas and Koba

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Wed May 6 20:52:57 BST 2009

OOC1: Sorry about the delays.  Had a power outage yesterday.

OOC2: And to answer Koba's player's question, yes, the demon is still
holding Lady Frost.

> > [Carlos]
> > Carlos accelerates the Skycycle, making a bee-line for the demon.
> > As he approaches, he radios Alex and Koba, "Alex, you said you
> > could fire on this demon, can you give us cover?  And Koba, if you
> > can move fast enough, move in as well."
> > [/Carlos]

> [Alex]
> "Roger," Alex returns, opening fire on the demon. [Strike: 5]
> [/Alex]

Unfortunately, Alex's shot goes wide.

> > > [Talas]
> > > As soon as the sky cycle gets close enough to the demon Talas
> > > will cast Carpet of adhesion once more to keep the demon from
> > > escaping. Talas is determined to have this fight end here and now.
> > > [Strike: 17]
> > > [/Talas]

> > [GM]
> > Talas's carpet of adhesion does the trick, and the demon finds itself
> > stuck to the ground.  Still, the demon isn't without resources, and
> > lifts a hand, firing at the Skycycle [Strike: natural 20] with a bolt
> > of energy [Damage: 60MD], doing some damage to the main body,
> > and violently rocking the vehicle back and forth.
> > [/GM]

> [Koba]
> With the demon planted firmly in place, he seems an easier target.
> Koba flies away from the sky cycle and circles around the demon to
> try to flank.
> When in position, Koba takes an aimed shot at the demon with the
> rifle. [Strike: 12]
> [/Koba]

Koba's shot strikes the demon [Damage: 20MD], burning into its
clothing, but not seeming to do much harm otherwise.

[K'murd-faka Demon]
The demon laughs, and then stretches out its right hand.  With
a cry in a guttural language that sounds like "Soth-katch-ifgak!"
a great wind seems to strike at Koba [Strike: 20, not natural]
[/K'murd-faka Demon]

Koba cannot dodge the wind attack [Dodge: 5], and is literally
driven into the ground as if he'd been struck by a giant's hand.
Despite any armor, the sheer force of smacking into the ground
causes him some minor injury [Damage: 5SDC].

Carlos fires off a volley of mini-missiles [Strike: 11 and 15] as
he approaches ground level, though still doing about 120mph.

Oddly, the demon seems to protect to Lady Frost from the
blast, choosing to take the brunt of the damage himself
and moving her limp form behind him.  [Damage: 50MD combined].

The demon's robes are on fire, but underneath, his pale flesh seems
untouched.  He moves his hand, and the wind strikes the Skycycle
[Strike: 14].

Carlos, who saw what happened to Koba, thinks he's prepared,
but is unable to move out of the way of the powerful mystical wind
[Dodge: 11].

The Skycycle is literally pushed into the ground, striking nose first
and flipping end over end.  Talas is flung free, landing about fifteen
feet away, but Carlos is pinned beneath the Skycycle.

[K'murd-faka Demon]
The demon seems horrified by the sight of Talas.  He covers
his eyes and turns away.

"Please..." he cries in a pathetic voice.  "I beg you.  You have
the best of me.  Do not kill me."
[/K'murd-faka Demon]

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