[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Alex, Carlos, Talas and Koba

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Thu May 7 07:44:33 BST 2009

> [K'murd-faka Demon]
> The demon seems horrified by the sight of Talas.  He covers
> his eyes and turns away.
> "Please..." he cries in a pathetic voice. 
> "I beg you.  You have
> the best of me.  Do not kill me."
> [/K'murd-faka Demon]
With a mire thought Talas casts Chi-Gun in preparation for the fight to come. Talas then begins to walk towards the Demon, and says "You dare ask me for mercy, wile you hold my Friend hostage? Release her and then I will here your words demon."
Talas then awaits the demons responce.

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