[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Owen, Ted and Louissa

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> > [GM]
> > The insectoid D-Bee steps up to Owen, his legs and arms bending in all
> > the wrong directions.  In a shockingly understandable voice it says, "Please,
> > sir, let me see."
> >
> > He immediately begins examining Louissa.  "Yes, she has nearly drowned,
> > poor girl.  Suffered the same fate as a number of our crew."  Without a
> > further word, he takes her out of Owen's hands and places her on the deck,
> > begins pumping her chest and then, horrifyingly enough, begins giving her
> > mouth to mouth resuscitation.
> >
> > There are a few moments of tense activity, but then Louissa begins to
> > cough, and then vomits up a considerable quantity of water.  She starts
> > to come to, her eyes focusing on the insectoid doctor, and then she lets
> > out a muffled scream and passes out again.  The insectoid makes a
> > strange buzzing sound that might be a laugh.  "I'll need to take her
> > to sickbay." he says to Owen and Ted.
> >
> > The young man nods.  He then turns back to Owen and Ted.  "You can
> > join her in a few minutes, but the captain wishes to speak with you, if
> > that's alright."  He beckons them to follow him through the corridor and
> > deeper into the submarine.
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "That is fine," the lizard man replies. "We would like to talk to him, too."
> Telepathically, he asks Owen whether or not he can sense when people
> are lying.
> [/Ted]

> [Owen]
> Telepathically, Owen tells Ted that he cannot tell when people are lying,
> but he can tell when they are in danger (using 6th Sense).
> [/Owen]

There seems to be no immediate danger that Owen can sense.  Some of
the crew they pass look at Ted and Owen with curiosity, but no one seems
to jump back or become defensive at the sight of them.

They are near what must be the midsection of the submarine when they
arrive at a series of doors that must lead to various crew quarters.  The
young man knocks at the door and announces, "Captain, we have the
people we sighted here to see you."

A female voice calls from inside, "Very well, Ensign Zane, show them in."

The door swings open with a metallic squeak to reveal small quarters,
decorated spartanly.  A narrow bed, a small desk with a computer
terminal and a wardrobe, with what must be a very small bathroom
off to one corner are all that can be seen.

Except, of course, for the Captain.  Standing by the desk, hand
extended in greetings is a lizard man, or rather woman.  She
stands about six feet tall, with a somewhat feminine form, dressed
in a uniform of some unrecognizable navy, save that it has the
lion's crest on it.

"I'm Captain Lemoth Zalquain." she says.  "Welcome aboard HMS

[OOC: Insert any greetings and introductions here...]

"We didn't expect to see anybody here.  We've been trapped in this
cavern for about a month now.  That nasty squid thing, or whatever
it is, has blocked are way out, and while we can nail the tentacles
well enough our weapons, it won't let us free, though it's learned
well enough to leave us alone."

"Now tell me," she says, "are you responsible for all that hulla-balloo
on the surface.  Seems like a regular war, and though we're friendly
enough with Elves, I hate to get involved in some local spat only to
find out I backed the wrong side."

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