[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Owen, Ted and Louissa

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> > [GM]
> > "I'm Captain Lemoth Zalquain." she says.  "Welcome aboard HMS
> > Depthbreaker."
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "I am Ted Smythe and this is my companion, Owen," the lizard man replies.
> [/Ted]

> > [GM]
> > "We didn't expect to see anybody here.  We've been trapped in this
> > cavern for about a month now.  That nasty squid thing, or whatever
> > it is, has blocked are way out, and while we can nail the tentacles
> > well enough our weapons, it won't let us free, though it's learned
> > well enough to leave us alone."
> >
> > "Now tell me," she says, "are you responsible for all that hulla-balloo
> > on the surface.  Seems like a regular war, and though we're friendly
> > enough with Elves, I hate to get involved in some local spat only to
> > find out I backed the wrong side."
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "Technically, we are with the Elves. Truth be told, we have a common
> enemy and an alliance has proven beneficial to us both. We fight a
> powerful creature trapped here many centuries ago who calls himself
> K'murd-Faka," Ted states. "Are you able to see the conflict down here?
> I am curious how are friends are doing."
> [/Ted]

"We have some scouts observing from a safe distance." the Captain
replies.  "And I don't know how beneficial your association is, the
Elves and their leader, some D-Bee or mage covered in ice, have been
defeated.  I'd say your friends are in real trouble."

She turns and hits a button on a small computer.  "Bridge, this is the
Captain.  Make for the surface, as close as you can get to land.  Have
a landing party ready, well armed."

She looks back to Ted and Owen.  "Well, we're about to pick our side."
she says.  "You'd best join the boarding party."

She opens the door, and the young man that lead them in is still there.
"Ensign, take these men to join the landing party."

"Good luck," the Captain says as the two adventurers are lead away.
"And keep your head down, there may be some fireworks."

By the time Owen and Ted reach the bording party, three men, two
women and a mutant dog (who looks like a pitbull), the submarine
has already crested the surface.  A hatch swings open to reveal...

Little more than fog.  The land can be dimly glimpsed about thirty
feet away.  Two rafts are inflated and thrown in the water.  As everyone
boards, Ted and Owen realize that this is almost the spot where
Louissa was attacked by the tentacle.  However, there is no sign of
Alister or Lady Sialillion, only a shredded cloak that they are sure is

There's little time to respond, as arrows start hailing on them from
the shore.  These are no ordinary arrows, for they manage to stick
into the hull of the submarine, almost surely a megadamage

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