[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Alex, Carlos, Talas and Koba

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Sun May 24 06:45:57 BST 2009

> > > [K'murd-faka Demon]
> > > The demon looks to Talas.  "Mighty Demon
> Queller, you are the bane
> > > of my kind.  But perhaps you can aid
> me.  I have been sent here,
> > > though this dimension causes me great pain, after
> my last residence
> > > was so horrifyingly terminated.  I cannot
> release myself, for I am bound
> > > here as long as my masters require me.  Come
> hither and use your
> > > powers, and then I shall be released."
> > > [/K'murd-faka Demon]
> > [Talas]
> > Talas laughs, “I never thought that I would gladly
> do as a demon asks.
> > Yes demon I will release you." With that Talas draws
> his swords and
> > charges the demon. With every intention of using his
> Katana to
> > striking the demon with a 'Chi Death Blow'. 
> Talas is wary of the
> > demon's request and keeps an eye open for the
> treachery that he is
> > sure will come.
> > [/Talas]
> [K'murd-faka Demon]
> The demon bows its head, as if readying itself to be slain,
> but Talas,
> keeping his eye peeled, sees a sword leap out of the
> demon's sheath.
> Suddenly, with a force and speed far beyond anything
> remotely human,
> the demon is up and leaping upon Talas, a black sword with
> runes
> glowing with the pure blue of mystic energy in its hands,
> seeming
> to sing as it bears down on Talas.
> [/K'murd-faka Demon]
OCC: Talas has the paired weapons skill.

Talas parries, the blade of the demons Sword, with his Wakizashi. And blocks the demons sword arm with the Katana. In the hope of doing sever damage to the demons arm.
"I am glad, I could trust you demon. I would have been so disappointed if you had not been true to what you are!"

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