[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Owen, T ed and Louissa

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Seeing the approaching pterodactyl, will throw a Fireball at the beast's chest.




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> > [GM]
> > Owen and Ted quickly discover the source of the arrows is a small island
> > in the swamp.  Cleverly hidden among a thicket of trees are two of the
> > dwarves, firing nasty looking cross bows.  One of them spots the two
> > adventurers, and fires a bolt at Owen [Strike: 3].  The bolt misses,
> > hitting the water, and there's an explosion of steam.
> >
> > Though the two are temporarily blinded, they clearly hear shouts from
> > the rest of the landing party, and then the LOUD beating of wings.
> > The steam is blown away, and they're looking right into the obsidian-black
> > eyes of the pterodactyl-like creatures that serve the demon.
> > [/GM]
> OOC: A little more to add... There are plenty of reeds, rushes and
> stunted trees on the high ground, and that's about it for cover
> (except under water). The blue dwarf things are not attacking, and
> look very spooked by the sight of this pterodactyl.
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