[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Alex

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"You truck with demons, that what you get," the red haired scout states 
to herself.

Opening up her armor's radio, she calls, "I just had something extremely 
weird happen. Some witch appeared. Something then seemed to take her away."

ooc: She will tell them full details

Aaron Clausen wrote:
> [GM]
> The witch spits, her saliva sizzling and leaving a bare patch where it hits
> the ground.  "Pah!  You're as bad as my fool son." she says.  "Now I'll
> never see how the damned thing ends!"
> She turns around, raises her horrible, bone-like, gnarled hands and starts
> chanting in some horrifying awful language "Krazak imak tonak kul.  Brakak
> nisak burak ulakatan!"  The words chill Alex to the bone.
> Suddenly a row of trees in front of the witch just melt away as if they were
> made out of plastic.  The passage seems to extend for miles, right through
> the swamp, where reeds and grasses disappear, and a path made of out of
> muck and mud rises to the surface.  In the distance can be barely discerned
> what looks like a ring of stones, and some sort of building right beneath a
> nexus point.
> The witch turns back to Alex, looking even sicker and vile than before, if that
> were possible.  "Tell that lizard man friend of yours he's dying, and the only
> way to save his life is to seek out the druid Karpax of Skara Brae..."
> She seems ready to tell more, but then a bright light seems to illuminate
> her from nowhere.  "No!" she cries.  "Just a little more time.  I've kept my
> bargain, let me stay a little longer."  She seems to be dematerializing
> before Alex's eyes.
> "Please..." she says as her body becomes transparent.
> [/GM]

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