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Vesper put up his rifle after scanning around and not finding more enemy.
He went to check and make sure the barber was ok.

"Strange beasts, whatever they were."

He then hears the new alarms go off.

"Again ?" He looked around to see what he could spot from his vantage point.

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> [Justin]
> Justin does not make any overtly hostile gestures, but he doesn't
> obey the command either. "I will not disarm, as that would interfere
> with the quest I have been charged with. However, identifying myself
> is hardly unreasonable, I am Sir Justin Ichijo, Baron of Coldpoint.
> My homeland is very far away, and I am not an enemy of your King
> or Kingdom."
> [/Justin]

The guards look unsure, but as it becomes clear there are far greater
troubles elsewhere they quickly decide they have little choice but to
trust Justin.

"Very well." they say. "Draw your weapon in the name of the King,
and you're a friend, otherwise a foe."

With that they dart past him towards the main hall.

>> [GM]
>> Oz starts blasting at the brain-thing [Damages: 13, 32, 13MDC=58MDC].
>> The brain spins around, yanking Alex, still holding the blade that is
>> digging into the brain-thing, from the chandelier.
>> The creature crashes to the ground, torn to shreds. Alex, on the other
>> hand, is almost glowing, the glow brightest in the hand holding her blade.
>> Meanwhile, Sir Prrcyvel, having heeded Oz's warning, and with almost
>> inhuman dexterity, spots one of the other brains, leaps several feet
>> into the air and begins to battle it.
>> In short order the chaos in the chamber has turned to an odd silence, as
>> the attackers seem utterly disoriented and confused. Their attacks
>> wooden and ineffectual.
>> The King is able to punch his way to the edge of the fray.
>> "Hurt no more of these men!" he cries. "They are under a spell.
>> Constrain them and bind them, and Lord Mrrlyn will attend to them and
>> learn the means by which they were ensorceled.
>> The King catches sight of Justin down a hall. "And who is that?" he
>> shouts. "It does not look like anything of Splugorth manufacture."
>> "Now, have at the rest of these brain things!" he shouts, opening fire
>> on another one.
>> As this area is quieter, a battle outside the palace can be heard. A man
>> races in. "Alas, we are beset by rebels!"
>> Alex and Oz can see through the front doors more soldiers battling with
>> each other. Clearly there are more brain things about.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Not presuming to give orders to the king, Oz shouts at Alex and Sir
> Prrcyvel. "We need to secure this area and then take the fight to the
> brains outside!" He moves until he can see a floating brain and begins
> firing again. [Strikes: 7,8,15]
> [/Oz]

Oz sites three of the brain things and fires at them. The first dodges
[Dodge: 21] but the others are hit [Dodge: 1 and 11, Damage: 12 MD,

> [Alex]
> The Coalition against wonders for a half a moment what she is going
> fighting for the king of a magic nations. Still, one must do what needs
> to be done. She will ask the rune blade, /Anything you can do to detect
> these brain things?/
> If she spots one, she will attack it if she can.
> [/Alex]

She sees the three that Oz is firing at. She in turn opens fire
[Strike: Natural 20 and 6]. The first shot hits one of the brain
things square in the strange orb [Damage: 200MD!], blasting the
creature into oblivion. Her second shot does not do as well and
another brain creature manages to dodge [Dodge: 20 not natural].

Even as Alex consults and fires, Vesper more openly enters the

> [Vesper]
> Vesper casts energy field as a firing wall he can use for cover while
> blasting away at the now obviouslly hostile brain things.
> He maintains fire on one trying to drop it before switching to a new
> target. [Strikes: 21, 15]
> "Get yourself someplace safe barber !"
> [/Vesper]

Vesper hits two of the brain things [Damage: 21MD,19MD]. The
brain things do not take this lying down, and one of them blasts
at Vesper's position in a building opposite the palace [Strike: 18],
which does not penetrate his shield. Another fires at Oz [Strike: 10],
which he cannot dodge [Dodge: 9, Damage: 11MD].

Other guards are finally able to open fire and soon enough the brain
things in the courtyard are finished off. The would-be hoard of rebels
is transformed into a moaning group of people, clutching their heads
and even vomiting. None know what has happened to them over the
last few minutes.

Meanwhile, back in the palace itself, Justin is watching the guards
run to the courtyard when he suddenly sees a flash of bluish light.
He recognizes it quickly as a dimensional teleport, right behind the

The shape that appears stuns him... it looks like Ted, the lizard man
who he had just left with Louissa in the other room, except now Ted
was holding a glowing rune sword and looked ready to strike the King

As Justin begins to react, the King sees the lizard man behind him,
and with impressive speed spins and uses his own sword to block the
blow, but whatever the lizard man's sword is, it is more than a match
for the King's and passes through the King's sword like a knife
through butter.

Outside, the party (including Vesper), here more shouts from inside
the palace. "The king is being attacked again!"

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