[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper, Alex, Oz and Justin] Book 3 - Chapter VII - New Camelot

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> Meanwhile, back in the palace itself, Justin is watching the guards 
> run to the courtyard when he suddenly sees a flash of bluish light. 
> He recognizes it quickly as a dimensional teleport, right behind the 
> King. 

> The shape that appears stuns him... it looks like Ted, the lizard man 
> who he had just left with Louissa in the other room, except now Ted 
> was holding a glowing rune sword and looked ready to strike the King 
> down. 

> As Justin begins to react, the King sees the lizard man behind him, 
> and with impressive speed spins and uses his own sword to block the 
> blow, but whatever the lizard man's sword is, it is more than a match 
> for the King's and passes through the King's sword like a knife 
> through butter. 

> OOC: No, but there is a shimmering field around him. 

OOC: Right then. Let's get dangerous. This will be loud, and damned impressive if I don't botch the strike roll. And if it works, well, one assumes a warrior King can survive a human-normal punch worth of damage... 

Justin yells "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" over his suit's loudspeaker, and fires a concussion missile at the floor between the King and the Ted-alike. He then sprints straight at the Ted-alike, intending to tackle him. 

Initiative Roll: 14+8=22. 
Strike Roll: 11+2=13 (not that floors dodge all that much) 
Damage Roll: 3 SDC + knockdown, 30' radius 
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