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>> [Vesper]
>> Vesper put up his rifle after scanning around and not finding more enemy.
>> He went to check and make sure the barber was ok.
>> "Strange beasts, whatever they were."
>> [/Vesper]

> [GM]
> The barber is standing against a wall holding a broken broom handle.
> When he sees Vesper coming, his eyes widen and he clearly does not
> recognize Vesper.
> "Come no closer, or I'll brain you!" he shouts.
> Then he recognizes Vesper. "Oh, it's you Master! You did a damned fine
> job there."
> [/GM]

>> [Vesper]
>> He then hears the new alarms go off.
>> "Again ?" He looked around to see what he could spot from his vantage point.
>> [/Vesper]

> [GM]
> All Vesper can see is the people out in the courtyard racing back
> towards the palace.
> A cry goes up over the loud speakers. "People of New Camelot, to your
> arms! The foes is within the city! To your arms!"
> [/GM]

OOC: A little more...

The barber cries out to Vesper. "Oh master, you look a powerful sort!
Maybe you can help down there."

Vesper nods, "Allright I will see what I can do down there." He grabbed his armor putting it on and outfitting himself before
setting off down the stairs to see how he can help.
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