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OOC:Sorry posted too soon before I was finished!

>> [Vesper]
>> Vesper put up his rifle after scanning around and not finding more enemy.
>> He went to check and make sure the barber was ok.
>> "Strange beasts, whatever they were."
>> [/Vesper]

> [GM]
> The barber is standing against a wall holding a broken broom handle.
> When he sees Vesper coming, his eyes widen and he clearly does not
> recognize Vesper.
> "Come no closer, or I'll brain you!" he shouts.
> Then he recognizes Vesper. "Oh, it's you Master! You did a damned fine
> job there."
> [/GM]

>> [Vesper]
>> He then hears the new alarms go off.
>> "Again ?" He looked around to see what he could spot from his vantage point.
>> [/Vesper]

> [GM]
> All Vesper can see is the people out in the courtyard racing back
> towards the palace.
> A cry goes up over the loud speakers. "People of New Camelot, to your
> arms! The foes is within the city! To your arms!"
> [/GM]

The barber cries out to Vesper. "Oh master, you look a powerful sort!
Maybe you can help down there."

> [Vesper]
> "Barber, why don't you remain with me. Atleast until this istuation is dealt with."
> Vesper tries to ask any guards outside his room what is happening. He also
> checks his radio for any chatter.
> [/Vesper]

There's no guards to be found. The radio is full of chatter, however.

"Lizard man attacking king... some sort of force field... Aye, one of
the visitors
has brought him down... Going to try to capture him...

> [Vesper]
> Vesper nods, "Allright I will see what I can do down there." He grabs his
> armor putting it on and outfitting himself before setting off down the stairs
> to see how he can help.
> [/Vesper]

Despite Vesper's warning, the barber stays close behind him, his curiosity,
and perhaps his shame at his earlier cowardice, pushing him on.

They reach the court yard to find it completely empty, everyone inside
the palace. It looks like things are under control, as they approach the

>From the steps runs a guard. "We saw you up in the window up there,
shooting at them buggers! Your friends are inside, it looks like one of your
companions was a spy an' tried to kill the king. Best come along!"

"Lead on then, I shall follow." Vesper wondered about the comment of a spy.
That little girl that was not at all a little girl sprang to mind.
"Fill me in on all the details, what exactly happened I could only see so much 
from my rooms."

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