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[Vesper will wait for the man to come back with the black iron then after grabbing it he will head down in to find the others.]

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>>> [Vesper]
>>> Vesper nods, "Yes Justin you have the right of it, an ancient beast of
>>> chaos from when the universe was primordial."
>>> He looks to the normal guards, "These beasts take the place of rulers
>>> and beings trusted by the people to slowly warp their
>>> societies leading to chaos, warfare and suffering. They may yet be
>>> trying to take the form of people in your kings court, perhaps
>>> even making an attempt on your king himself."
>>> "Justin, what do you know of the Nakron ?"
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [Justin]
>> "I know a bit." Justin replies. "There might be a way to kill it.
>> They're vulnerable to iron, and there is something called Black Iron
>> that supposedly can kill them. If you remember, it was our friend Ted
>> who released that little girl back at that dwarf cavern, and I happen
>> to know she is the Nakron. I'll bet her cell was lined with Black
>> Iron, so she couldn't escape."
>> [/Justin]

> [Vesper]
> Turned to one of the guards, "Ok see if the blacksmiths
>  have any black iron and get it out our way in a hurry !"
> [/Vesper]

The guard nods and dashes back to the palace at a full run.

OOC: Not clear here, is Vesper going to follow Justin and Alex down
into the tunnel immediately.


>> [GM]
>> Before Oz or Vesper can react one way or another, several guards come
>> marching out with Ted, and none of them look pleased.
>> [/GM]

>> [Sir Prrcyvel]
>> Sir Prrcyvel has a black look in his eyes. "Before your companions get
>> too far, we have a quandary." he says. "We have held your lizard man
>> companion since his mad attack on the king, and yet it seems there is
>> another shapeshifter besides the supposed Nakron. Do you have any
>> explanation, lizard man?"
>> [/Sir Prrcyvel]

> [Ted]
> "It appears we have a problem. Set me free, get me my weapons and
> I will help you solve it," the lizard man states.
> [/Ted]

> [Oz]
> The German glanced at Sir Prrcyvel. "I would advise against that.
> Don't you have mages who can figure out if this is some sort of
> shapeshifter or if he is under some kind of compulsion? At the very
> least, whether he is telling the truth while you ask him questions?"
> [/Oz]

[Sir Prrcyvel]
"Lord Mrrlyn checked him out." Sir Prrcyvel replies. "There might be
other ways, but there's not time at the moment."

The knight turns to Ted. "But Osmar is quite right. I don't
particularly trust you, or rather the whole situation. Mrrlyn is...
powerful... but not all seeing. But I think we need your help here. If
you wish to gain my trust, and the trust of the King, you will come
with us into the sewers. There we shall find Lady Louissa, and who her
companion is. But if there is something you wish to tell us now,
please do so."
[/Sir Prrcyvel]

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