[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Justin and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter VIII - New Camelot

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>> [GM]
>> Alex and Justin find themselves standing in an underground passage.
>> Ahead of them the passage ends at what looks like an underground
>> sewer line, and a big one at that. The smell coming from the rushing
>> water is unpleasant.
>> There is a line of yellowish ooze leading from where they are standing
>> towards the rushing water of the sewer.
>> [/GM]

>> [Justin]
>> "Just our luck the thing went right into that." he says. "Glad I'm in
>> full armor."
>> [/Justin]

> [Alex]
> "Kind of wish the force field protected from much but ya," responds the red
> haired scout. "Just get it hosed off real good once we are back up at the
> surface."
> Alex is going to continue hunting and see where the path goes. "I hope we
> can find her fast."
> [/Alex]

Alex, Justin and his dogs make their way down this tunnel. They notice
a spot several feet down where it looks like the scum has been scraped
away in a couple of spots to reveal the bricks beneath. Someone has
been by here recently. The yellowish ooze is largely gone now, swept
away by the torrent.

A couple of minutes later, far behind them, they hear a splash.
Turning around, they see Vesper drop into the sewer.

Justin waves him on. "Hurry up!" he shouts over the roar of the water.
"We want to find her fast!"

Vesper is forced to run through the stinking water, which proves hard,
as the water gets deeper. Various pipes flow in
from the sides and above, pouring in filthy stench-laden water and...
other things. Vesper soon catches up to his companions, and the three
of them, and two very filthy dogs, make their way down the stinking

Finally the passage makes a big looping turn and then they are at the
opening. Below them is large chamber, perhaps two hundred feet in
diameter, into which several tunnels like the one they are in empty in
to. The illumination is a few dim electric lights, but it's enough to
allow them to see that there is a good fifteen foot drop to the fetid
pool below. Each of the incoming tunnels has a number in Roman
numerals, from I to XVIII. Passage XVIII is the largest, and is an
outgoing tunnel, three or four times as big as the one in which they
stand. The current looks much stronger below.

Aaron Clausen
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