[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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Thu Apr 21 20:00:49 UTC 2016

>> [GM]
>> The General with several soldiers, leads Sir Oz back up to the
>> surface. The ley line ship is sealed tight, and Oz can see the
>> sergeant along with Jacek looking over the railing as about a hundred
>> heavily armed soldiers along with two missile launchers are aimed at
>> the ship.
>> Over the radio, Jacek communicates with Oz. "Sir Osmar, nod twice if
>> you have been taken prisoner. Nod three times if you wish us to effect
>> a rescue. Nod once if you wish to take take off immediately. The
>> Captain has informed me that the shields should be able to take a hit
>> from one of those mini-missiles."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz nods once, taking care not to move his head more than that and risk a
> miscommunication. He turns to the General and reaches up to remove his
> helmet. "If I may, General?"
> Once the General gives his permission, Oz steps forward to address the
> soldiers on the rail. "The kingdom of New Strathclyde has volunteered to
> take in all refugees. Please expedite their orderly off-loading."
> "Our hosts have also commandeered our ship. We will be staying here for the
> foreseeable future. The General has a dispute with the kingdom of New
> Avalon. As the man to whom you swore, I will release any dwarf, former
> follower of the Hood, or member of the airship's crew who wishes to withdraw
> their oaths to King Arr'thu. I have been assured that everyone who follows
> the laws of New Strathclyde will be treated generously." He glances briefly
> over at the General before continuing. "Given our circumstances, it is
> likely the General will accept into service any who wish to continue serving
> in a military capacity. It has been an honor to serve with you and I cannot
> overstate how proud I am to have called myself your commander.
> "For all others, I cannot release any of the King's men who swore to
> officers or lords other than myself. I have been assured that we will be
> treated fairly and that our hosts have no specific grievance with our own
> actions. I do not forswear my own oath to King Arr'thu and remain a knight
> and soldier in New Avalon's service but I have given my word not to resist
> so long as all of you are treated justly."
> Oz turns back to the General. "Would you like to say anything, General?"
> [/Oz]

The General nods. "You have heard from your commanding officer. I
would gladly take in any soldier, regular or irregular. There's a
place in the New Strathclyde Armed Forces for all warr..."

Even as he speaks, the several people on the ship fire on the
moorings, and the ship shoots up into the air.

The General sighs. "Most disappointing," he says to Oz. "This blood is
on your hands." He turns to one of his officers. "Destroy that ship."

The General then turns back to Oz, "This is the price of dishonor." He grabs

A mini-missile is launched and arcs towards the ship, but, as Jacek
had predicted, the shield holds. The shock wave knocks several people
over, and actually pushes the ship higher. The ship responds much as
it had the night before to the Maligs, by laying in a firestorm so
intense that it blows the concrete of the courtyard up and melts the
ground beneath. Several rounds are fired from the ship, but they are
smoke grenades and within moments Oz can barely see the General next
to him.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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