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How might email in gnus be made easier to set up for neophytes without
neophytes referring to additional sources during the setting up of email in gnus?...
How might email in gnus be made easier as to rule out argument that if it's too
compilcated for you, go use something else?...


gnus mail is too difficult to set up for too many people,   a. Why?

b. How do you choose a backend?

c. What do each of the terms, jargon and acronym like code words mean?

d. For gnus mail, how would the sequence of setting it up be represented by a flowchart?

e. What does that code in the dotfile mean exactly?

Send along via your questions and any comments...

f. How do you set it up, what code do you use in your own dotfile?

g. How would you make it easy for people to set up gnus mail?

h. How would you troubleshoot gnus mail when it's not working well?

i. What is a dotfile exactly?

j. Backend. What is an elaborate definition of backend lexicographically?... without using that same word in defining it.

k. What about potential gnus mail users without knowledge of LISP?

l. What commands will give people useful information about the system they're using
     when attempting to set up gnus mail?

m. How does gnus mail relate to?... IMAP

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