Screwtape's Notepad

Screwtape Needs To See…

I have something of a reputation for being immune or indifferent to popular culture; like many things about me it’s not so much rebellion as having never gotten around to it. One thing I did once get around to was writing an IRC bot with the ability to store and retrieve facts — fairly soon after introducing it to my friends they started stashing all kinds of reminders into it, “reminding” me to see various things.

The IRC bot broke one day, and I never got around to fixing it, but a friend dug all the “Screwtape needs to see” messages out of their archives recently, and I thought I’d put them up here for posterity.

Things yet unseen

In very approximate chronological order of recommendation.

Things already seen

Most of these I’ve seen without reference to the above list. I’ll include a comment on each one so you can get an idea of what movies I like.


Ripostes? Re-recommendations? You know who to call.