[CrackMonkey] Brian Behlendorf is working on restoring service as fast as he can.

Mr. Bad mr.bad at pigdog.org
Tue Sep 19 19:14:46 PDT 2000

Check the message at:


Which, of course, inspires me to song!

        What would Brian Behlendorf do
        If the hyperreal hard drive crashed?
        He'd smash that fucker with his Thunder Hammer
        To show it who was boss!

        When Brian Behlendorf went to the colo facility
        And found the servers inoperative
        He marshalled the forces of the Free Software community
        To develop even more fault-tolerant filesystems!

        What would Brian Behlendorf do
        If the SF Raves calendar were wiped clean?
        He'd restore the bastard from backup tapes
        And re-key in all the party details at super-speed.

        When Brian Behlendorf went to Black Rock
        And burningman.com went off-line
        He used his magic Playa breath
        To get it back just fine!        

        What would Brian Behlendorf do
        If erowid.org went down?
        He'd personally instruct each and every person who needed it face-to-face
        In the uses and abuses of psychoactive chemicals.


~Mr. Bad
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