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Kurt Foss kfoss at planetpdf.com
Sun Dec 16 23:02:46 PST 2001

At 10:49 PM -0700 12/16/01, Richard Stallman wrote:

>I did not know that this was a plea bargain--I heard that charges had
>been dropped.  That puts it in a very different light: he has done
>harm to others that far exceeds the harm he has avoided for himself.

Take a deep breath, Richard! Things aren't always what they appear --
or what someone else says they were. It was ElcomSoft that offered to
take Dmitry's place that put this into play some time back:

 From NewsBytes:
"Sklyarov's arrest and subsequent prosecution prompted international
outcry and spawned protests around the globe.

Sklyarov's attorney - famed San Francisco lawyer John Keker - said he
was pleased with today's decision, but disappointed in the government
for painting it as a plea bargain.

'For them to try to turn this into a cooperation agreement is just
bulls-t,' Keker told Newsbytes today.

Keker said that Sklyarov's story in the case has never changed, and
added that Sklyarov still believes that neither he nor his company
committed a crime by creating and marketing the Advanced eBook

rgds ~ Kurt

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