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Wed Dec 3 13:02:21 PST 2003

Byron asserts that spamm should be a topic for svfig.  Examining:

SVFIG Next Meeting: Saturday, December 13, 2003 _Second_Saturday_
at Cogswell College, 1175 Bordeaux Dr. Sunnyvale, CA

Preliminary Agenda [... does not include post-meeting meeting...]

Starbucks Coffee at 9:45am [... two-bit coffee, also available...]

Morning Session

Tim Duncan - Tim might be able to demonstrate all three parts (MIDI input,
MIDI output, and interrupt-based timing) of the MIDI implementation.

Afternoon Session

CH Ting - Topic to be determined.

Kevin Appert - Kevin's "To Do" List

Suggestions for future speakers (virtual and real) and topics
Review FIG website content and links
Update comp.lang.forth FAQ
Compile SVFIG membership list
Discuss SVFIG elections
Plan for scanning Forth Dimensions
Digitize and archive FIG records
Disposition of FIG merchandise
Creation of academic materials for embedded Forth class
Forth success stories and resources
SVFIG participation at VCF7
Reviving Forth Dimensions as an online publication
News about FIG members of yesteryear
Gripes and annoyances
	Printer ink cartridges
	Product activation

... yep, there it is.  So, may be it should, may be it oughtn't; may be we
will, may be we shan't... it's up to you, who show.  Here're Cogswell's
map & directions:


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