[svfig-open] Windows98/ME USB driver files

Kevin Appert forther at comcast.net
Thu Dec 4 11:13:01 PST 2003


My ME disk is at home and it may be tomorrow before I can send you the 
files.  In the mean time I spotted the files at a link George 
gave.  [http://www.usb-drivers.com/drivers/77/77012.htm].

Also, they may be on your ME disk inside a file called base2.cab --- have 
you looked there?

I'll FTP to ftp.rawbw.com/pub/bnilsen/incoming (I'm emailing this to myself 
for reference when I get home)

At 06:41 PM 12/03/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Kevin Appert wrote:
>  There is no such thing as off-topic here at SVFIG-OPEN!!!
>Give me a few minutes to think about this... How about Paris Hiltons
>latest movie?... Or Michael Jacksons recent adventures?...  It is the
>off-topic stuff that makes this a fascinating world.
>  I have questions and several pieces of advice.  Please email directly with
>  answers to questions if you prefer.  It's free advice, and perhaps worth
>  what you paid for it.
>  First the questions.
>  Do you have other USB devices which DO work?(1)  (it doesn't mean that the
>  camera SHOULD work, just an indication of what needs to be tested and/or 
> fixed)
>  What OS are you running( look in |Help|About )?(2)  WIN98 SE?(2.1)  Do you
>  have the original distribution CD?(3)  Please note that it would be best to
>  have the files that match your OS because there are frequently different
>  versions.
>And the answers.
>Yes, I have a Handspring (Palm OS) PDA that works fine in either socket of
>my USB controller.
>Resolving that Bill Gates has way too much of his own money and no need of
>mine, I bought an old (1996?) PC from the Salvation Army with Windows98
>already loaded.  It has a 100 MHz Pentium and 48 MB RAM.  Browsing plug-in
>gadgets at Fry's and CompUSA I do get a little uncomfortable reading that
>"minimum requirements" are often things like 360 MHz and 64 MB.  But I'm
>willing to push this envelope.  I did upgrade(?) to Windows ME.  I have
>the CD for the ME upgrade but not the original Windows98.  The ME CD does
>not have the files I'm looking for.
>    I can probably get the files when I know which OS you're running.
>I would be ever in your debt.  The possible missing files are
>Note however that this was the only clue I was given in my efforts to load
>the software that came with the camera.  I am clutching at straws.  The
>software did load albeit with mention of the missing *.SYS files and it
>seems ready to play in every respect except that the USB interface just
>sits there.  Frustrating!
>  Advice 1) Try Alta Vista to search the web in addition to googling Usenet.
>  Advice B) These are a couple of websites which address similiar problems
>  http://www.iomega.com/support/documents/11194.html
>  http://kodak.broaddaylight.com/kodak/topten_61_6.shtm
>Try I will.  But I recently read that Alta Vista had subcontracted their
>actual search engine to Google because of the very superior technology
>involved.  Beats me.
>  Advice III ) When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.
>        - Dr. Richard Ames,"The Cat Who Walks Through Walls" (by Robert 
> Heinlein)
>  http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~odyssey/Quotes/Popular/SciFi/Heinlein.html
>  Advice N where N is a large integer) I can probably get the files when I
>  know which OS you're running
>  Advice N + 1 ) If you can't resolve it after installing the files, please
>  post to the regular SVFIG list.
>   Would you consider discussing this briefly at the December FIG meeting?
>Would that I could.  Some nasty surgery a couple of years ago left me
>with a badly crippled mouth.  About all I can do these days is gurgle.
>  At 08:00 PM 12/02/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>  >HELP!...
>  >
>THANKS!  I will explore the search paths you mentioned.
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