[svfig-open] Windows98/ME USB driver files

John A. Peters japeters at pacbell.net
Wed Dec 3 22:00:39 PST 2003


I found this here  http://www.putergeek.com/email/

John Peters

If you only receive a few emails a week, then when someone replies to you it
probably isn't a problem for you to figure out what they said yes to if they
didn't quote your original email.

But a lot of people send and receive a large amount of email each week.  I
for instance receive about 50 to 200 emails per week.  Then I reply to all
of them.  When someone replies back I usually can't remember what they're
talking about without reading what I wrote to them.  If they don't have
quoting turned on I have no choice but to do a search to find the last email
I sent...what a pain!

Some people will only quote a small part of an email, while others (myself
included) prefer to quote the whole message.  There is no real rule of thumb
here...but if it's a really long thread with 8-10 replies back and forth I
tend to cut out the last half or so to save email space.

In Outlook Express 5.0 go to tools | options | the send tab and check the
box that says "include message in reply".

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