I still might filter posts by content (Was: Bad FROM address {{was Re: [svfig-open] Low max...)

Kevin Appert forther at attbi.com
Tue May 20 16:24:01 PDT 2003

I agree that filtering by content is appropriate.  If you have time by all 
means have at it!  My comments about FROM were an addenda, an appendix as 
it were, not a duodenum* in your metaphoric lower GI.

I thought the Ivory Coast lady hoot was being truly!

By the way, in the words of Yoda: "Learn Forth quickly will I"

*  [Middle English, from Medieval Latin, short for intestnum duodnum 
digitrum, intestine of twelve finger-widths (in length), from
   Latin duodnum, genitive pl. of duodn, twelve each, from duodecim, 
twelve. See duodecimal.]

At 01:57 PM 05/20/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>You must be 20KB thin to ride svfig-open.  I had listed some too-fat posts
>that never made this list (and had posted similarly to svfig).  Even so:
>On Tue, 20 May 2003, Kevin Appert wrote:
> > Don't assume it's from who it says it is.
> > I've been getting a couple of viruses and other junk from assorted
> > addresses including sysop at amresearch.    My point is that it almost
> > certainly is NOT coming from Al.
>... Kevin's advice to the effect that we'd do well to examine posts'
>Actual Headers, rather than their Sheep's Clothing... pertains.
>So thanks, Kevin.  Even so, in my original essay I only feign'd innocence.
>[... original essay available online...]
>As it happened, moments later, Mrs. Spanish Prisoner wrote...
>... provoking me to suggest that (absent opposition) I might essay some
>content-filtering on svfig-open.  -g
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