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I have an older Compaq ij600 that uses Lexmark carts.  It is the hardest one
to refill as it is choosy about air bubbles or etc.

I just spent $60 on an electronic scale that is accurate enough to tell when
a cart is getting low.  I have quarts of ink for each of my machines.  The
$60 is worth it.  When they run dry they burn out the head, so now I can
tell how much ink is left and refill it in time before my office manager
uses it up.

My Cannon Fax/phone is the best (easiest) of them all.  They have a clear
side panel so you can see how much ink is left.  Easy to fill too.


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> > Lexmark is the LAST company I'll ever buy a printer from!!!   Anybody
> > 'chipping' their ink or toner cartridges isn't going to get a nickle
> > me.
> > I appreciate the heads up on the above
> > Thank you
> ?What... you've already bought a lex luthor mark... cheer up, you could
> live in Cal-e-FORnyuh...
> Pinched from "The Scotsman" 2002 September 25:
> [http://zork.net/~jv/arnold_warren_jacob.jpeg]
> ... "original" article:
> [http://www.news.scotsman.com/topics.cfm?tid=869&id=1063282002]
> ... ha ha, *they've* bought a lex luthor.  -g
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