[svfig-open] Topical topic for future SVFIG meeting

Byron Nilsen bnilsen at tsoft.com
Tue Sep 2 15:25:32 PDT 2003

A flurry of  SPAM, virii and assorted cyber-vermiculture seems to be 
disrupting a lot of serenity lately.  (Re:  Recent missive from "System 
Anti-virus Administrator" seen in this venue)  The talking heads on TV are 
not very helpful ("Rush out and get the latest update to your anti-viral 
program...")  If anyone in SVFIG has any specific knowledge of  the subject 
it could make an interesting presentation.

My own "SpamAssassin" filter has been very effective at depriving me of 
opportunities to enlarge my bust, make millions through partnerships with 
various Nigerian businessmen, and accommodate the earthy yearnings of 
innumerable Ukrainian maidens.  But it does not block the virii.  Those 
that appear to contain links to non-existant websites are especially 


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