[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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> [Alex]
> Alex speaks gently, "I can understand the desire for wealth, especially 
> taking of advantage of someone who is not on your team. The problem is, 
> as the knight would say, that all of us have to have a sense of honor. I 
> know there is more wrong here than meets the eye, that strange creature 
> for one thing. I need to know who hired you for this?"
> [/Alex]

Silbran sighs. "The Captain and some man brought me on with the idea. I 
don't know who the man was, he wore long white robes and gloves, so I 
couldn't see his face and hands. They said if I did what the Captain 
told me when the time was right, you know, make sure Phaeton wasn't 
trouble and make sure our guests were secured for the voyage to the west 
coast of Ireland, then I'd get a million NGR credits."

> [Alex]
> Alex is still using Telepathy to see if he seems to be lying. It is 
> likely that he will think of the name of the 'sword' as well.
> [Alex]

The man seems to be telling the truth now, and there is a feeling of 
relief emanating from him. The name of the sword comes through; "Sword 
of Zelgar". Alex cannot place the name, though perhaps when she tells 
one of her companions, they may recognize it.

Bongo seems quite agitated and looks to Rod. "Rod," he says, "do you 
have some maps, at least?"

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