[Taocow PBEM] Chapter V: A Stranger And His Knowledge

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<snipped for message length>

Bongo gently opens the book, which, in daylight, looks
old and brittle.  
The first page has a sketch of a young woman, no more
than twenty years old. 
Beneath it is written the name "Lovely S'talza."

"Name mean anything?" Bongo asks before flipping to
the next page.  At the top is the date, February 3,
2150.  "Hmmm, in the old dating calendar."
Bongo muses.  "That would put this journal at over two
hundred years old."

[Amanda Connors]

"What!!??  I know that name.  I had a dream that I was
her.  Finish what you're saying, then I'll tell you
about it."

[/Amanda Connors]

<snip again>

"So apparently this temple must be somewhere back in
North America."  Bongo sighs.  "We ended up a lot
farther away than we should have.  Maybe we should get
back on that ship!"

[Amanda Connors]

"That's a good possibility.  Since what I remember
from my dream had me still back home in the US.  The
first part anyways."

She pauses, trying to collect herself enough to relate
what she knows.

"My dream had two clear pieces to it.  One was of my
old friends.  They were talking, but the only word I
heard was my name.  There wasn't any other sound. 
Then we were standing at a map.  I couldn't tell what
it was a map of but had a name on it.   Rath-Iren."  
She spells the name out to make sure she's pronouncing
it correctly.

Amanda stands up and moves to the plates of food,
examining things slightly to make sure she recognises
it before taking anything.

"Then the dream got weird.  And I mean that with the
last few weeks in mind.  I was with a man, he was
calling me S'talza and he had a ring with that emblem
on it.  Nice big ring, Ivana Trump'd have choked on
it.  He wanted to get pictures of a temple and a
ritual back to Lazlo and had a digital camera, maybe
that one."

"Then we were tied up being sacrificed to some dark
force.  A man, that pale guy from the ship, called him
Quinton Barnabas.   Quinton told S'talza to remember
the box.  Quote: 'Just beyond the altar, beneath the
grey paving stone.'
Then they killed him and I was running, but I don't
know how I got loose.  Next thing I know, I'm being
woken up by you."

She turns to Bongo.  "One, any idea who that woman was
a decendant of?  And two, what do you need a map for
when you have me?"

She reaches into her purse and pulls out her PDA. 
Starting it up she begins searching through it's files
for the old Encarta encyclopedia program.

[/Amanda Connors]

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