[Taocow PBEM] Chapter V: A Stranger And His Knowledge

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Mon Jul 25 19:50:00 PDT 2005

"I agree with Lady Amanda. Mr. Grizz should be
questioned." Talas looks at Amanda and says "Shall we
go for a stroll my lady?" Talas get up, puts his plate
away. Then stops and turns to the boy "Edig, Do you
know of any um... techno mage's? I would like to see
about acquiring the services of one."  Talas then
waits to see if anyone else is coming along to go
speak with the shopkeep.

[Amanda Connors]
At first, she doesn't even register that Talas is
speaking to her.  She instead wonders why nobody
shooed the boy away and closed the door.  Hadn't they
come up here to talk privately?

Then she noticed the elven man looking at her.  "huh? 
What, me?  Did you just call me 'my lady'?"
Barely stifled giggles can be heard from Amanda as she
stands and puts the PDA away.  "Sure.  I did say I was
going to go talk to Griz."

Still amused, she sets her food down and moves to the
door.  "I haven't heard anyone say that since Jimmy
Dillon in the 7th grade.  Never did go to that dance
with him."  Glancing to Bongo she adds;  "He don't
know me vewy well, do he?"
[/Amanda Connors]

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