[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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Aaron Clausen wrote:

>Even as the company disembarks, some shouts can be heard.  In the
>glimmer of dawn can be seen a flying creature in the far distance.
>Those with advanced optics can make out some skeletal beast with a
>black-robed figure atop it.  It circles high above, but is soon gone,
>heading inland as fast as the wind.
>A young boy seems to materialize out of nowhere and comes running up.
>"Welcome, good sirs and ladies." he says, sweeping off a dirty red hat
>and bowing.  "Ye look to be newcomers.  Perhaps ye be looking for a wee
>bit of breakfast, or perhaps something else.  Name's Edig, and for a few
>credits, I'll take you where you want to go!  Fair deal?"
The young Coalition Ranger does not look impressed with the hardbor 
master and his threats but does not reply. She has been fighting enough 
and she is kind of tired and could use a break.

When she sees the flying creature, Alex reachs for her JA-12 Rifle but 
does not draw or fire the weapon, instead watching the flying creature 
whatever it is. You can take the girl out of the Coalition but it 
difficult to completely take the Coalition out of the girl. She states, 
"What the hell is that," not really expecting a response from anybody. 
"Soem wizard beast I imagine."

Alex turns to the kid, "Curious, I have used alot of grenades during my 
trip here. Might you know a place which has a good stock of grenades or 
could custom make some for me?" She thinks for a moment or two about a 
problem and asks, "I would also be curious if you know of any place 
where I might be able to exchange jewelry for something more spendable?"

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