[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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OOC: Where's the rest of my players?  Rod, Osiris, Lady Frost, yoo hoo!

> [Alex]
> While she is no longer part of the Coalition, some of her bone deep
> reactions are hard to resist. She pauses for a moment after seeing the
> creature but recovers quickly. She clears her throat and states, "I have
> lost alot of specialty grenades while in combat. I am wondering if you
> might have replacements or you might have the materials to make more? I
> would prefer the replacements but they may be custom work (ooc: Alex has
> armorer so shoudl be able to make her own if she can get the materials if
> need be)
> [/Alex]

The lizard man points to a series of cabinets on a side wall.  There are
numerous types of grenades, including the ones Alex is looking for.  "Those
do the trick?" the lizard man asks?

> [Arden]
> Arden looks around, glancing at anything familiar (meaning he could use
> proficiently) and also for a new scope that might improve his shooting
> accuracy, as well as some .30-06 ammo and e-clips.
> [/Arden]

There are very fine knives, as well as bows, crossbows (including some with
exploding bolts that look very nasty indeed), as well as rifles, energy
rifles and a large assortment of scopes.

Bongo looks around the shop and whistles.  "There's enough here to stock an
army.  Tell me though, do you have any maps?"

"A few." the lizard man says.  "Nothing terribly good, and mainly of Europe. 
What do you need?"

"Maps of North America." Bongo replies.  "Know of anybody that's got some?"

The lizard man thinks for a moment.  "You might try the Zek'r, owns a small
specialties shop a block down the road.  It has quite a few old
pre-Apocalyptic maps that might do the job."

[Meanwhile, outside...]

> [Kyle]
> Kyle lands his SAMAS and hides it as best as he and then suits up in his
> body armour and scout the area.
> [/Kyle]

It's still very early, so there is little activity.  The failing fog reveals
the town as, in fact, a rather large city, with well-constructed buildings. 
Oddly, the huge majority of the buildings look completely unoccupied.

"Whatcha doin', fine sir?" a boy's voice says behind Kyle.  Kyle wheels
around and sees their young guide.  "Can I follow you around?  Where did
that funny armor you were wearing come from?  Are you from the New German
Republic.  My dad says that the NGR aren't very nice, but maybe you are. 
Did your ship get caught in last night's storm?  You travel with some pretty
ladies, do you think one would marry my brother, Nigel?  He's nice,
sometimes, but lonely and a little weird.  Do you like chocolate?  Have you
ever killed anyone?  Have you seen a demon?"
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