[Taocow PBEM] Fwd: Chapter X - The Stranger

kitsuneFX kitsunefx at netzero.net
Thu Nov 23 16:20:59 GMT 2006

Aaron Clausen wrote:

>Phaeton shakes his head.  "No." he groans.
>As Lady Frost approaches, the creature smiles broadly, revealing a
>mouth missing half its teeth.  There's a palpable energy in the air,
>and everyone's skin begins to crawl.
>A booming voice begins to laugh.  "The key is mine!  Now nothing will
>stop me.  Bow to me, Frost.  Bow to me and save your friends."
>Suddenly, standing there in white robes, the pale-faced demon with the
>red eyes; the dreaded K'murd Faka. In his left hand he holds a severed
>head, severely burned, but still recognizable as that of Kyle.
>The demon tosses it towards the company.  "A little gift, to show my
>goodwill."  With that, the demon begins approaching Frost, parting his
>robes to reveal a glowing amulet.  Despite herself, Frost feels
>herself getting lost in its light, her will slowly being swept away.
Trained to find cover, the scout jumps for the cover as quick as she 
can. This whole situation is bad. It started out bad and is just getting 
worse. Still, a soldier does not abandon her companions and fellow 
soldiers. It is simple loyalty. She yells out, "Lady Frost, is 
everything alright?"

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