[Taocow PBEM] Chapter X - The Stranger

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Talas leaps forward to strike the glowing eyes.  His aim is poor, but
the eyes don't make a single move to dodge.  Instead as Talas's blow
hits, he feels his whole body seized as if by a giant hand.  He is
lifted at least twenty feet in the air and thrown down.  He huts the
ground with a muted thud, and when his senses clear he sees three of
the little creatures running towards him.

Talas quickly jumps to his feet, to face the three litle creatures. Then Talas cast cirle of fire in he hope of deverting hese three.

- if the cirle of fire stops the three creaturs from attacking Talas. Then Talas will turn back to the Eyes and cast Banish.

- If the cirle of flame dose not stop the three little creatures then talas will finish them with his katana.

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