[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIII - Of Prophecies and Visions

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Thu Aug 16 19:02:37 BST 2007

> > [GM]
> > As if on queue, the Prince strides in, a look of worry and suspicion
> > on his face.  "Ah good, you are all here." he says, taking a seat.
> > "You may have brought the Mayor some pleasure, but for me and my
> > father, you've brought only concern, and perhaps even grief."
> >
> > "I will be blunt," he continues, "I dislike mystical prophecies.  The
> > world is hard enough without having to put stock in the vague
> > prognostications of old seers.  You've caused that madman Bruth no end
> > of consternation, and while I do enjoy watching one of those silly
> > religious fanatics getting twisted into knots, I'm not such a fool
> > that I don't see that just because it's a lunatic in panic, that
> > there's no reason to panic, if you catch my meaning."

> > "I need to know right now what your purpose is here.  Are you staying?
> > Are you going, and if so, where?  Will you be awakening the Reaver?
> > We have enough normal enemies, with the Coalition breathing down our
> > necks, without some mad demon of the past looking to settle a score.
> > I'd just as soon you left, myself, but if you're going to replace
> > yourselves with trouble, then maybe it would be better if..."
> >
> > The Prince leaves the rest of the sentence unsaid, though there is a
> > peculiar and driven look in his eyes.
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Ted says nothing. Instead, he waits for the others to reply, ready to attack the > prince if necessary.
> [/Ted]

> [Bongo]
> Bongo nods slowly, as if half expecting this.  "Your Highness, I can
> understand your position and would feel much the same way if our situations
> were reversed.  However, I can assure you that it has never been our
> intention to bring harm in any way to bystanders -- in fact, we have
> actually gone out of our way to ensure their safety.  As for whether or not
> we're staying... well, we never seem to stay in one place very long
> regardless."  He adds a sardonic half-grin at the end.
> [/Bongo]

"Sometimes certain acts can have, shall we say, unintentional side
effects." the Prince replies.  "This talk of the Reaver and of
Rath-Iren has been heard before.  You are not the first to come along
searching for these things.  A few years ago there was a party of
unsavory types..."

The Prince is interrupted by a knock.  In strides Major Pournelle, who
bows to the Prince, and then to the members of the party.

"Your Highness, we have a man at the front gates looking for our
guests." he says.  He looks to the party.  "He says he knows the
cyberknight Osiris through a mutual friend.  He looks to be some sort
of mage, possibly a Technowizard.  Shall I let him in, Your Majesty?"

"Yes, but keep him under guard." the Prince replies.  "This is proving
to be a most interesting meeting."

"Tell me," the Prince looks back to the party, "do any of you know
anything of this?"

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