[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

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Kitsune wrote:
> Aaron Clausen wrote:
>> [GM]
>> The company aren't the only ones moving towards the door.  Most of the
>> patrons, and even the band, have dropped everything and are rushing
>> forward.
>> Max gives Ted an odd look and then moves towards the door, wading
>> through the patrons and even upending a few tables.  The old
>> adventurer may be retired, but he still demonstrates a powerful
>> physique as he pushes men much bigger than himself out of the way.
>> Outside someone can be heard crying "Dear God!"
>> As everyone gets outside they are witness to a scene of truly
>> gut-wrenching horror.  The waitress who had acted so oddly before is
>> literally pinned against the wall of a building on the other side, her
>> legs and arms stretched so far that the joints are bloodied and
>> dislocated.  Her eyes have been torn out of her head, and her head and
>> empty sockets are staring at the sky with a look of terror graven in
>> them.  Her abdomen has been slit, and her entrails are lying on the
>> ground.
>> Beside her on the wall, written in her own blood, are the words "The
>> Reaver Returns".
>> Max falls to the ground and begins weeping uncontrollably.  In the
>> distance sirens can be heard.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Holding her pump pistol ready to fire, the red haired ranger asks, "What 
> the hell is going on? Who is the Reaver?"
> [/Alex]

Bongo shakes his head sadly.  "I hope we didn't bring this on these people."

He turns to Alex.  "Remember the song at the banquet?"

	"Twas a day in bright June, when the sun was so bright,
	the Reaver came calling, and our lands turned to blight.
	'Pon farms and dales and even the womb,
	The Reaver brought death, destruction and doom.

	Now kings and queens and serfs all alike,
	Were soon enslaved and cast into night.
	And from the shores of the Hudson there rose such a cry,
	Of fear and despair at this horrible time.

	And the Reaver's army marched upon our fair towns.
	And threatened to burn all about us right down.
	But out of the North, in a land by the sea,
	Akirax the Wolfen did hear of our need.

	And so he came down with sword and with gun,
	And as he took to the field the summer sun shone.

	And in a final pitched battle Akirax did call to
	the Reaver, and he demanded 'I lay a challenge upon you!'
	And the Reaver did come, his sword and armor all black,
	And to some it did seem that Akirax might turn back.

	But the Wolfen prince was no coward, 'tis true,
	And lifting his glave he rode right on through
	The hoards of the demon and they cowered with fright,
	For Akirax was transformed into a terrible sight.

	'To Rath-Iren return, demon of Hell!'
	Brave Prince Akirax did loudly yell.
	And sword met sword with bone-wrenching clang,
	And steel did join, and loudly it sang.

	Prince Akirax was victorious that glorious day,
	And the Reaver's soul fled somewhere far away.
	And in the years that passed, when Akirax grew old,
	The Reaver's sword he held in his hands dead and cold."

"I'll wager that's the K'murd-faka, that white-skinned demon that keeps 
chasing us."

Osiris himself weeps quietly.  He places a hand on Max's shoulder.  "She 
is in a better place, my friend.  But let us take her body down.  This 
is show enough, I think."

Osiris hobbles slowly towards the girls body, reaches up and pulls the 
pins that hold her up.  Gently he grabs her, his armor getting covered 
in blood and gore.  His lips move in a silent prayer.

He looks at Max.  "I know this is an hour of great grief for you.  May 
the Lord give you the strength to go on, and remember her as she was."

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