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OOC: Alright, let's get this ball rolling again!  Sorry about this
VERRRY long delay, but real life intruded big time over the last three

On 12/10/06, Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > [GM]
> > > The demon tosses it towards the company.  "A little gift, to show my
> > > goodwill."  With that, the demon begins approaching Frost, parting his
> > > robes to reveal a glowing amulet.  Despite herself, Frost feels
> > > herself getting lost in its light, her will slowly being swept away.
> > > [/GM]
> > [Alex]
> > Trained to find cover, the scout jumps for the cover as quick as she
> > can. This whole situation is bad. It started out bad and is just getting
> > worse. Still, a soldier does not abandon her companions and fellow
> > soldiers. It is simple loyalty. She yells out, "Lady Frost, is
> > everything alright?"
> > [/Alex]
> [GM]
> Lady Frost doesn't seem to respond.  Phaeton cries out "Alex, run!
> It's all a trap."
> The creature begins beating Phaeton with the hilt of the sword.
> Sparks fly off of Phaeton and he falls to the ground.
> "No more talk.  Now master will get key!"
> [/GM]
> > [Carlos]
> > He looks at those around him, unsure what to do next. He holds his
> > rifle up, pointed at the demon, waiting for a cue from his new allies to
> > let him know whether he should let loose or not.
> > [/Carlos]
> [Osiris]
> The old Cyberknight, still quite weak, shouts "To hell with this!"  Seeing
> pulling out the gun, he jumps forward and begins firing himself.  While
> the blasts are well-aimed, the creature seems to be protected by some
> sort of force.
> A blast comes from the sky, striking Osiris in the chest, and blowing
> the old man back.  He lands in the snow and is still.
> [/Osiris]
> [Bongo]
> "Frost!" Bongo shouts.  "Snap out of it.  We're all going to bite the
> biscuit if we don't get out of here!"  With that he opens fire on the creature.
> [/Bongo]

> [Talas]
> Seeing that the others are not waiting for Lady Frost's queue, Talas charges straight for
> the Demon with Katana drawn. In an attempt to draw the demon's attention away from
> Lady Frost Talas begins yelling both threats and challenges at the Demon.
> [/Talas]

The demon seems somewhat unsettled by the Demon Queller.  He turns
towards Talas and murmurs.  A bolt of lightning flashes down, striking
Talas and knocking him flying.

"I shall pay special attention to you, Enemy." the demon says.

> [Alex]
> The figure under cover fires a single concussion grenade at the demon leader, trying to
> either stun him or knock him off the feet, followed by a three round burst of her laser
> right after at the creature
> [/Alex]

The grenade explodes in front of the demon, hurling it away.  Alex's
laser burst isn't nearly so successful, but does strike a couple of
the smaller creatures.  Above a dark cloud begins to gather.

Suddenly a loud booming voice can be heard.  "This is the Coalition.
Drop all weapons immediately.  Consorting with demons is a capital

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