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> [Bongo]
> Bongo whistles.  "I may not be human," he says, "but that bath sure made 
> some difference."
> [/Bongo]
Alex smiles at the comment. Although she likes Bongo, she does not 
consider him in any sexual manner. Maybe it is her Coalition upbringing 
but humans are humans and dog boys are dog boys.
> [GM]
> While this is going on, the Mayor is spending a great deal of time 
> doting on Alex and Amanda.
> "Tell me ladies," he says, his voice slightly slurred by drink, "are 
> such handsome women to be found where you come from?  You see, I am a 
> poor widower.  My third... er rather... fourth wife having died last 
> year.  A man in my high position can scarcely afford, however, to remain 
> grieving for too long.  My niece needs me to set an example of wedded 
> bliss."
> The young woman's face blushes, and she lowers her head.  She seems very 
> impressed with Talas, however, as do many other women at the table.  His 
> Elvish good looks have their effect.  His exotic clothes only add to this.
> Major Pournelle is also taking his turn eying up some of the guests, 
> though in a much politer and less obvious fashion.  He tries his best to 
> make up for the Mayor's inept and inebriated advances.  "What the Mayor 
> means, of course, is that those that would lead need harmony in their 
> own lives.  Sadly, there are many widows and widowers in these dark 
> days."  There is a look of sadness in his eyes, betraying some sorrow of 
> his own.
> One of the main doors is quite suddenly flung open, and hobbling in on 
> crutches come Osiris!  He is clean-shaven, wearing clothes similar to 
> his other male companions.  Still, he looks very old, and the lines in 
> his face seem deeper.  The entire room stands, showing their reverence 
> for the Cyberknight.  A servant quickly and quietly puts a chair out for 
> him between Amanda and Bongo.
> "I couldn't stand another minute in bed." Osiris says, his voice hoarse 
> but strong.  More quietly he says to Amanda and Bongo "It's a nice 
> place, a place where a man might retire after..."  He does not finish 
> his sentence.
> Bruth looks even more curious now.  His attention lingers long on 
> Osiris, and he rubs his iron ring several times.  Finally he speaks.
> "Perhaps you fine people do not wish to speak of your mission," he says, 
> "but most assuredly you can bring us some news of the outside world. 
> Our contacts are intermittent, and word from other places fills us with 
> pleasure."  Despite the request, he does not look the sort of man that 
> is ignorant of the world.
> [/GM]
Alex is not interested in being tied to any many who is older than her 
father and especially who has gone through four wives. Besides, she 
loves exploring, although not being shot at although that goes with the 
business. She replies, "Thank you for the compliment but it would not 
work. I am too much of a free spirit and would drive each other crazy in 
less than a week."

When Osiris comes in, she looks at him worried. While she has been 
listening to the other's conversations, she has not commenting, to see 
what others are leading before saying anything

some who do not understand mystery speak of things which they do not 
understand, but they will boast that the mystery of the truth belongs 
to them alone.
- Gnostic Saying

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