[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

Paul Groeneveld delthin_x at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 7 23:19:34 GMT 2007

> [GM]
> Alister walks into Ballymoor's Floating Tours and
> Magic Devices and 
> Repair.  It's a large but cramped store, with TW
> items sitting 
> disorganized on a dozen shelves.  Above a buzzing
> ball scoots around, 
> stopping briefly in front of Alister, changing
> bright yellow, and then 
> zooming off to the back of the store.
> Out hobbles a rather handsome woman, in aviator's
> hat, who puts down a 
> small box with several wires and a couple of rubies.
> "I'm Essa." she says.  "Mr. Ballymoor's away today. 
> Mage or psychic?"
> [/GM]


alister chuckles "a bit of both I guess. you see. I am
a technowizard " with that he winks. "there may not be
much that I need. I was hoping you also sell spells on
the side as well as devies. personally Im kind of
looking of increasing my repitoire of spells. but I
have companion who may be in need of a few devices,
and not have the time required for me to manufacture
them. and aside from one most of them would be
psychic, if anything at all" glancin around he adds.
"might be an idea to get together a selection of items
for them to peruse along the lines of protection.
maybe give me a rough estimate as to price as well" 


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