[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

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> [Alex]
> "The price is a bit uncomfortable but I think I can swing that amount. I
> have a little skill with the installation of electronics and such
> systems myself. If I expected to be here a little longer than I think is
> likely, I would offer you my services as an assistant to help with
> repairs," Alex responds
> [/Alex]

Ugul sighs.  "A skilled technician would be a great asset.  If you decide to
stay here, and you can do the job, I could use you."

When Ugul receives Alex's payment, he takes out the force field, puts it in
a box, and hands it to her.  He then looks up, "Can I help anyone else?"

Bongo looks at some heavy Deadboy armor.  It's a bit rough looking, painted
camouflage green, and needs some modifications to fit his body.

"How much?" Bongo asks Ugul.

"It's in good condition." Ugul says.  "50,000 credits, plus 8,000 for the

Bongo looks at Alex.  "Think you can fit this to me, Alex?"


> > [GM]
> > As they walk out on to the street, Alister and Talis see Major Pournelle still
> > standing there, and a beautiful Elf come walking out of the weapons  store, and
> > look at them with some recognition.
> >
> > As for Sialillion, she sees the Elf and the bald-headed  Technowizard, and
> > recognizes them immediately from the King's report.
> >
> > Major Pournelle sees them.  "Ah, Lady Sialillion, these are the other two members
> > of the party; Talas and Alister.  What seems to be the problem, has that miserable
> > young girl chased you out?  She's not much of a conversationalist,  though I'm
> > told she's a skilled technowizard."
> > [/GM]

> [Sia]
> Sialillion has a rueful smirk on her face as she exits the shop.  She looks up, a bit
> startled to hear her name called out, and comes to attention as Major Pournelle
> points Talas and Alister out to her (and vice versa).   She approaches the two of
> them with a somewhat blustery and officious air.
> "Ah, good, I was afraid I might have to track you two down.  I am Sialillion, emissary
> to the king.  Greetings."  She curtseys slightly.
> "And hello to you, kindred," she adds to Talas in Elven, with a nod  and a smile.  Her
> accent is difficult to place.  It is an odd brogue,  somewhat rough and suggestive of
> the working class.  It is certainly   not the courtly dialect of Elven that her station would
> suggest, but then this is a human kingdom.
> [/Sia]

> [Talas]
> Talas gives a deep bow and says in Elvish "It is a pleasure to meet you my Lady."
> Talas's own accent is completely unrecognizable to Sia.
> [/Talas]

> [Sia]
> "I must speak with your group privately on a matter of utmost importance," she
> continues in American.  "I've already spoken to your comrades, and they have agreed
> to come speak with me as soon as they  are done," and at this last word a pause and
> a slight smirk again,  "shopping."  She chuckles to herself slightly.   It is unclear what
> exactly she finds amusing about the concept.
> [/Sia]

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