[Taocow PBEM] Fwd: Chapter IX - The King Of The River

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> At this, Sialillion takes a small draw of ale, and
> her eyes follow the  
> cloaked men over her glass.  She is suspicious, but
> just the same  
> trusts that one would have to be a fool to do
> something rash under  
> Max's watchful eye, and also she is interested in
> seeing the group's  
> capabilities should something come of the suspicious
> activity.  She  
> watches the situation unfolding, but says nothing of
> it.  She  
> continues in a somewhat more casual, almost aloof
> and bratty air.
> "The king has asked me to accompany you on your
> journey and report  
> back on what you find, and of course to protect the
> kingdom, blah  
> blah, etcetera.  His view is a bit shortsighted, if
> you ask me,  
> considering the magnitude of the forces at work
> here.  Should K'murd- 
> faka really want to destroy a minor kingdom such as
> this, it would be  
> as a child blowing away a sandcastle."  She seems
> amused at the idea.   
> "But I digress... as Major Pournelle mentioned, I
> have convinced the  
> king to provide you with a jetboat which will speed
> our passage along  
> the riverways southwards.  I also have something
> that you might not  
> have- a map of the riverways leading to Rath-Iren,
> from some of our  
> ancient archives.  It should lead us there
> directly."  She looks at  
> each member of the group, gauging their reaction.
> "In return, all I ask is that you allow me to
> accompany your group.   
> Nothing more."  Another small sip of her ale.  "Now,
> I, for one am  
> sincerely curious, what draws you travelers towards
> so dangerous a  
> destination?  Do you truly believe yourselves equal
> to the task of  
> slaying a greater demon?"
> [/Sia]
Talas making direct eye contact with Sia asks, in
Elvin "My Lady Sialillion, How great of a concern are
those two men?" Then switching back into English, that
of the English isles and not the American of North
America, says in a flat deadpan tone, "Do I think I we
can destroy a greater Daemon? I am Talas Leaf-Blade a
'Daemon Queller' even if I fall the beast shall fall
with me. For this is the destiny of all Daemon
Queller." Talas takes a sip of his ale and then in a
much more upbeat tone states "Besides I can not die on
this quest. I still need to go back to Ireland to get
my horse." Talas then give a hearty laugh.

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