[Taocow PBEM] Fwd: Chapter IX - The King Of The River

Alex Bayne hayden.bayne at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 21:16:44 GMT 2007

Sialillion keeps her eyes on the serving girl at the end of the hall.   
She murmurs quickly to Talas in Elven, barely moving her lips, "They  
are not familiar to me.  That alone might be reason enough to be  
concerned, in this land."  Then, with a look of intense concentration,  
she sings an urgent but beautifully lilting melody in what
sounds like Elven for a couple seconds, though no distinct words can  
be made out.

> [alister]
> Alister smiles thinly and says "demons, demigods,
> inter-dimentional being, all part of saving our world.
> I've faced many menace before, and all have either
> fallen or fled. how much worse cana  greater demon
> be?"
> [/Alister]

Sialillion murmurs to herself in Elven, "As I thought," following the  
strange bit of song.  She turns towards Alister and responds in  
American, "You are quite sure of yourself, Technowizard.  Perhaps  
you'd be interested to know that the wench behind you is under the  
influence of a domination spell, likely perpetrated by the two cloaked  
men who took such a keen interest in us earlier.  Or does your bravado  
make you immune to vibroknives to the ribs and similar subterfuge?"   
Then to the rest of the group, with quiet intensity, "Everyone be on  
your guard."

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