[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIII - Of Prophecies and Visions

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> > [GM]
> > "Well, I'm glad you weren't any trouble to us." the Prince
> > says, clearly a little agitated.  "The same can't be said of
> > your ex-patriots closer to our borders."
> > [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "Many small villages practiced folk magic. My team was never
> concerned about them. I was born in a small village as well.
> We were assigned to Chi-Town and they acted much like you
> said. Our team was supposed to scout for a group of
> mercenaries attacking the bugs. It turned out to be a trap to
> get the team killed,"  Alex responds
> [/Alex]

"A trap?" the Prince says, seeming more interested now.  "By whom?"

> > [GM]
> > The Prince says.  "So, Mr. Alister Quinn, what is your purpose in seeking these
> > people out?"
> > [/GM]

> [Alister]
> Alister glances at the prince and says "With my apologies, I would prefer to discuss the
> issues and get caught up to current status with 'these people' before discussing openly
> what may or may not be sensitive matters"
> [/Alister]


> > [Carlos]
> > Thinking to himself in jest, "Wizards, we don't need no stinking wizards..", Carlos says
> > "How did you find about us and who sent you?"
> > [/Carlos]

> > [Talas]
> > Talas simply nods to Quinn in acknowledgment to his bow. And waits to see what
> > Osiris does.
> > [/Talas]

> [Alister]
> Alister grins in Carlos's direction "Suspicous, that's good. but as I said, I would prefer to
> discuss in private about said matters." then nods a greeting in Talas's direction
> [/Alister]

> > [Osiris]
> > Osiris struggles to his feet, his eyes wide.
> >
> > "Alister, how in the devil?" he asks.  "And, by God, you've still got both your eyes!"
> > [/Osiris]

> [Alister]
> Alister walks up to Osiris and offers a hand to shake, and chuckles "It's not my eyes too
> much that I have been concerned about, but more the head they are seated in that I
> prefer to remain intact "
> [/Alister]

> > [GM]
> > The prince looks quizically at Osiris and Mr. Quinn.  "Apparently the Cyberknight can
> > vouch for Mr. Quinn?"
> > [/GM]

> > [Osiris]
> > "I don't know if I'd go as far as vouch for him." Osiris says.  "But we met a couple of
> > years ago, and he's not going to blow us up or call the winds of hell down on us."
> > [/Osiris]

> [Alister]
> At this Alister returns a grace look towards the Prince "If things are such that visitors
> need to be vouched for in your township, and you choose to hold me suspect, I will have
> no trouble, if you insist, waiting outside the gates for 'these people' to finish business in
> town before heading on their way." at that he sends a quick wink and a grin in Osiris's
> direction
> [/Alister

> [Ted]
> Ted regards the new comer quietly. This web grows more  tangled by the minute, he
> thinks.
> [/Ted]

> [Carlos]
> "So, who are you going to blow up? Where do your loyalties lie?"
> [/Carlos]

> [Alister]
> With a bit of amusement Alister responds. "Usually myself." and with a deft wave
> casually brushes at what looks like possible charring on his armor
> [/Alister]

> [Talas]
> With a slight smile on his face Talas says "And are these usual times for you Mr.
> Quinn?"
> [/Talas]

> [Alister]
> Alister looks quite solemn as he says "One does what one can to ensure the success of
> a mission, which does not include underestimating the oppent. "
> [/Alister]

The Prince seems somewhat perturbed by all of this.  He looks at Major
Pournelle, and then back at the company.  "I see that you have many
things to catch up on with your new, or old, friend.  I have another
errand of which I confess I am late, so I will beg your leave.

With that he stands up and walks out the door.  The Major follows him,
as do the guards.  With a slight wave of the hand, the Prince signals
that one of the guards remain in the hallway, though the guard walks
down it a bit so as to be out of earshot, but still close enough to
jump in if someone should cause problems.

Osiris smiles.  "Well, Alister, some mysterious lady has brought you
here, eh?  Before the Prince showed up, and then you, we were just
discussing our next move.  Perhaps you know what our next move is?  I
believe some of us were suggesting checking out that old magic user.
Do you know anything of the mages around here?"

As if in answer to Osiris's question, some activity can be heard down
the hall.  Bongo's keen hearing picks up the guard and someone else

"They say Bruth grabbed a horse from the stables and road off west
towards the capital as soon as this new stranger came into town." one
voice says.

"Aye.  He's a strange one, and the Prince has long had his eye on him.
 The Mayor don't mind, because he gives him special lotions for his...
sexual requirements.  Still, he's a strange duck." the other replies.

"Crazy bastard, probably gone off to that silly temple." the first one
replies.  "Wouldn't mind chasing him down, much more interesting that
keeping an eye on this weird bunch."

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