[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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>>> [Osiris]
>>> Osiris shakes his head. "Alas, Alex, there is nothing I can learn 
>>> from this. I have seen many terrible spells in my time, but none
>>> that could whisk away someone like this, not without taking out a
>>> good deal of the surroundings in the process. And remember his last
>>> words 'I'm cold'. What did he mean?"
>>> Osiris then looks to Sia, who seems completely absorbed by the
>>> ring. "Be careful there, Lady Sialillion. We don't know anything
>>> about that ring, or about anything else we've gained here tonight."
>>> Osiris gives Koba a sharp look.
>>> "Lady Sialillion." he continues. "You said something about Bruth 
>>> being right, and all the gates being watched, but you seemed ready
>>> to say something further. What know you?"
>>> [/Osiris]

>>> [GM]
>>> Max nods. "Please, if you can escape, do it now. If you wish to 
>>> leave the prisoners, I will take care of them. And no, I shall not
>>> slay them, but they will see justice."
>>> The taller prisoner hisses. "Yes leave us to this man's justice..."
>>> The orcish man shakes his head. "Take me with you!" he cries. "I 
>>> can help you, I swear. Don't leave me here. They'll hang me for
>>> sure."
>>> [/GM]

>> [Lady Frost]
>> Slowly standing up, she gave Talas a very faint nod. "Don't worry, I 
>> won't become like them. My whole life has been about helping protect
>> the innocent."
>> Turning at the words of the two prisoners, she walked towards them, 
>> her arms covered in blood, gore, dirt, and debris from her recent
>> actions.
>> "They can come with us." She points at the orc, "You, I believe." 
>> Then she turns to the taller man "And you want to stay here just a
>> little too much. Instead of leaving you here where you can break out
>> and harm others, I'll keep an eye on you myself."
>> Leaning down until she's almost nose to nose with the man, she
>> quietly continues.. "And if you give me even the slightest reason,
>> I'll make sure you think Bruth got off easy."
>> [/Lady Frost]

> [GM]
> Both men look at Lady Frost in sheer terror. The taller man says 
> nothing more, but his eyes are as wide as saucers. The shorter orcish
> man nods rapidly. "I'll do whatever you want." he says. "Y-Y-You
> won't have any trouble from me, I swear."
> [/GM]

> [Sia]
> Sialillion snaps to attention from her intent examination of the 
> ring. "Oh. Erm, yes, I believe I may know of a way out of the city. A
> drainage grate that leads out to the river. I'm pretty sure that it's
> not being watched. Of course, we will have to procure our own 
> transportation from there... but," she adds a little cryptically "if 
> we can get to a ley line I may be able to solve that problem."
> "I can lead us there as soon as everyone is ready. Just make sure 
> that Bruth wasn't carrying anything else that might help us return 
> Bongo. Assuming it's not all crushed." She regards the mush of blood 
> and entrails that was once a wizard with a look of mild revulsion, as
> though smelling rotten eggs. Then she returns her attention to the 
> ring.
> [/Sia]

> [Ted]
> "I am ready," Ted states. He looks around to see if anyone needs any 
> assistance vacating the area.
> [/Ted}

Lady Frost appears to be personally taking charge of the taller, wounded 
prisoner.  Someone will need to take charge of the orc-man.

> [Carlos]
> After watching Lady Frost's bloody display and intimidation of the 
> two prisoners Carlos lets out a chuckle and turns to Koba. "I see 
> what you mean by not allying ourselves with evil."
> [/Carlos]

"For Alex, Lady Frost and I, this is a keen loss." Osiris says, his 
voice hoarse with grief.  "Bongo was a friend.  Still you are right, 
this is a great indignity, even if Bruth was a foul traitor and agent of 

Osiris turns to Lady Sialillion.  "M'lady, you seem to know this city 
very well indeed.  I think we have little choice but to follow your 
lead.  Let us gather are things together and be gone from here."

> [Talas]
> Upon hearing Carlos's words, Talas turns to face him, and in a
> slightly raised voice says "And You Mr. Carlos. Have you never given
> in to grief and vengeance?" And with that turns back to Bruth's
> remains to see if there is anything that Lady Sialillion may find
> useful still in one piece.
> Once Talas is done with searching the body Talas asks if there are
> any objections to him burning the remains. If there are none, then he
> uses a weak fire ball to burn the remains.
> [/Talas]

There's virtually nothing recognizable on Bruth's body.  There are a few 
hopelessly twisted and unrecognizable pieces of metal, but any further 
exploration would require something akin to an autopsy.

Osiris nods his approval to Talas.  "There has been enough blood shed 
tonight.  Burn the body, my Elvish friend."

Max takes one last hard look at the two prisoners.  "Then I shall bid my 
farewells to you.  If you find your way back to here, you'll have drinks 
and a meal on me.  I must attend to my wife and to my inn.  May She Who 
Has No Name be with you."  With that Max darts back out the way he came.

Moments later there is another explosion, this one powerful enough to 
shake the building.  Bits of the ceiling fall to the floor.

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