[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Tue Apr 15 07:18:47 BST 2008

> There's a faint whine of an energy rifle somewhere
> in the village, and 
> the wolfen's head explodes into burned fur and
> sizzling flesh.  The 
> horse rears in fear and bolts, knocking Osiris to
> the ground.  From the 
> village shots fire, at least two shooters, and the
> company is completely 
> exposed.
> [/GM]
Talas drops to the ground, draws his rail-gun. And
begins scanning the village for the shooters.

OOC: the AT-600 Rail Gun has a 3000 foot range.

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