[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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Mon Apr 21 06:32:36 BST 2008

There's a faint whine of an energy rifle somewhere in the village, and 
the wolfen's head explodes into burned fur and sizzling flesh.  The 
horse rears in fear and bolts, knocking Osiris to the ground.  From the 
village shots fire, at least two shooters, and the company is completely 

[Lady Frost]

Without bothering to take cover, Frost whirled to face the direction of the village.  Someone in there had just killed an innocent soldier.

She glanced over her shoulder to where Alex was crouched searching for a target and briefly considered asking the scout if she could slip around and ambush their attackers, but quickly decided that she couldn't handle losing another friend if it went badly.  She was running out of them.  On the other hand, they needed to do something besides just stand here and play target.

"Ted, Carlos, you guys any good at flanking?   I'll keep their attention."

Accepting the incoming weapons fire on her exceptionally tough form, Frost then ran towards the village, hoping that her charging would attract more shots... which would help the others trace the shooters.
And it would, incidentally, keep the rest of the group from being shot at as well.

[/Lady Frost]

(( OOC:  Just so people are aware, Alex and Osiris are going to find Lady Frost becoming a lot more protective towards them. ))

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