[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands - Combat Round #1

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OOC1: Alright, back in business.  Time for some combat!

OOC2: The dice rolling site is down again.  I'll be doing it by hand.


Hidden Enemy #1 - 20
Hidden Enemy #2 - 19
Alex - 18
Koba - 17 (won tie-breaker)
Carlos - 17
Talas - 14 (won tie-breaker)
Lady Frost - 14
Alister - 13
Ted - 11 (won tie-breaker)
Osiris - 11
Sialillion - 7

>> [GM]
>> There's a faint whine of an energy rifle somewhere in the village, 
>> and the wolfen's head explodes into burned fur and sizzling flesh.
>> The horse rears in fear and bolts, knocking Osiris to the ground.
>> From the village shots fire, at least two shooters, and the company
>> is completely exposed.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> The Force Field actually gives slightly better protection so unless 
> she managed to get it mounted in the armor she activates the force 
> field belt and draws her JA-12 Rifle. At the same time, she kneels 
> behind cover and begins measured three round burst at any opponents 
> which she sees.
> [/Alex]

Alex can vaguely make out one of the shooters using a rooftop as cover. 
To her experienced eye, this looks like a trained sniper.

She fires her burst at the figure.  Her shot isn't good enough to hit 
the nearly concealed sniper, and it goes high, enough at least to singe 
some nose hair.

> [Koba]
> Instinctively Koba draws his arm up over his head to protect his
> face. At the sight of weapons fire aimed at him, Koba reacts. Within
> a moment, Koba is engulfed in a halo of crackling energy. Small
> sparks and lightning emanate from all around him but he appears
> unharmed by the display. He unhooks the weapon from over his shoulder
> and falls to the ground prone while he tries to get a bearing on the
> location of the fire. "Anyone see where that is coming from?"
> [/Koba]

> [Carlos]
> Diving for cover, Carlos unslings his rifle, scanning for where the 
> fire came from.
> [/Carlos]

> [Talas]
> Talas drops to the ground, draws his rail-gun. And begins scanning
> the village for the shooters.
> [/Talas]

Carlos and Talas spot the sniper that Alex fired it. Apparently made 
nervous by Alex's near hit, the figure can be seen moving to a new position.

> [Lady Frost]
> Without bothering to take cover, Frost whirls to face the direction 
> of the village. Someone in there had just killed an innocent soldier.
> She glances over her shoulder to where Alex is crouched searching for
> a target and briefly considered asking the scout if she could slip
> around and ambush their attackers, but quickly decides that she 
> couldn't handle losing another friend if it went badly. She is 
> running out of them. On the other hand, they need to do something 
> besides just stand here and play target.
> "Ted, Carlos, you guys any good at flanking? I'll keep their 
> attention."
> Accepting the incoming weapons fire on her exceptionally tough form,
> Frost then runs towards the village, hoping that her charging will 
> attract more shots... which would help the others trace the shooters.
> And it would, incidentally, keep the rest of the group from being 
> shot at as well.
> [/Lady Frost]

While the one sniper is busy, the other begins unloading on Lady Frost, 
and while she is tough, this is some sort of heavy duty weapon. Three 
clear shots strike her, her icy form steaming from the weapons fire.

Alister dives for cover, and then, seeing Lady Frost's dangerous gambit,
with a wave of his hand and a flash, unleashes one of his teleport bombs 
on the only figure he can see (the sniper moving away from Alex's 
gunfire). Within a moment there's a loud, bright explosion right where 
the sniper is, and a figure can be seen flying off the roof, which is 
mostly blown away by the explosion.

> [Ted]
> *Find cover!* the lizard man shouts telepathically to everyone the 
> group as he dives for the next thing he can find to hide behind.
> He draws his weapon, aims for the remaining sniper, and fires on the 
> first shooter.  The shot misses the other sniper, instead blowing a
> chimney off.
> [/Ted]

Osiris dives for cover, and in turn fires at the remaining visible 
sniper.  His shot too goes horribly wide, firing harmlessly into the air.

"Damn! That's some bad luck!" Osiris shouts.

> [Sia]
> Sialillion telepathically commands her familiar to take flight and
> swoop over the village to look for the snipers.
> [/Sia]

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