[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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I agree that it would be quicker by water. But if the winter storms are as bad as Lady Amanda says, could we not simple stay close to the shore?" Talas then turns to Louissa, "Lady Louissa, although I applaud your desire to do more with your life that produce children. I should worn you that if you come with us because of me. You may have a very lonely trip home. For if this Demon that we go to fight is as dangerous as he sounds, I may very well need to sacrifice myself in order to defeat him."

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> [Ted]
> Frost concerned about winter weather? the lizard man
> ponders. He says aloud, "An overland route woud take
> much longer. I cannot comment on how safe it would be. This
> area has changed considerably since I was here last."
> [/Ted]

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> [Amanda Connors/Lady Frost]
> Amanda just shakes her head.  "There's a lot I
> don't understand about this world. There's even more
> I think I'll never understand. Still, Ted has a very
> good point. I don't know about now, but in my time,
> winter storms on the Atlantic were notorious. Maybe we
> should reconsider the land route."
> [/Amanda Connors/Lady Frost]
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