[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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Tue Dec 2 03:14:04 GMT 2008

In spite of the fever-like symptoms suddenly sweeping over his body, the lizard man leapt between Talas and Osiris, gripping the much-taller demon queller by both wrists. "Stop this," he ordered in broken Elvish. "This demons knows something and we must learn what it is. Then we will decide what to do about it."

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> [Talas]
Talas turns away from Sia with an odd look, and then says in a loud and
commanding voice say "The spirit within Osiris is an imposter. I can smell its taint. You will get no quarter from a Daemon Queller vile Spirit! Hold him down so wile I exersise this vile spirit!"
> [/Talas]

A look of fear and confusion enters Barnabas's face.

"Are you certain?" Amanda says.  "Can anyone else here read minds?  Alex, did you sense anything?"

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