[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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"There is a lot of energy coming from this place. I think you may be right
Ted, but I'm not thrilled about the surprises this tomb has already shown
us. I think we should be careful when we look under this slab." With that
Koba motions for those of the party who have shown incredible strength
(OOC:Lady Frost, I'm looking at you!) to move the slab. Koba checks the clip
on his pistol and aims purposefully at anything that might jump out from
under the slab when it is moved.

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> > [GM]
> > With all her might, Lady Frost crushes the skull of the thing with her
> > elbow [Damage: 60MD].  The creature's head is utterly obliterated.  The
> > rest of the mummy's body twitches for a few moments and then is still.
> >
> > Below the slab of stone where the mummy had been laying, what appear to
> > be sparks can be seen flickering.
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "Good work, Lady Frost," Ted whispers to his companion while trying to
> his breath.
> Ted then takes a moment to look at the sword.
> [/Ted]

The sword is a large broadsword, in normal hands it would be quite heavy.
is not made of steel, but rather of something that almost seems like
crystallized bone.  There's the faintest transparency to it.  The
figure on the hilt
is made of silver or some silver-like metal, and is of a nude female,
very exquisitely
carved, save for the lack of a face.

A closer look reveals cracks and chips in the blade.  It looks to have
been well used,
but also as if it might not survive too many more battles.

> [Sia]
> Again, Sialillion is taken aback by the power and violence of this icy
> maiden, as she singlehandedly smushes the mummy's head as easily as
> the pulverized Bruth's body into a purée before.  Sia rises from her
> knees, where she slipped while trying to slice the mummy with her
> knife, cursing to herself as she notes that the silver plating is
> scratched from grazing the stone floor.  She shakes the mummy dust
> from her cloak, sheathes her knife, and re-clasps her holy symbol
> around her neck.
> "It would seem that even the great Wolfen hero Akirax fell to the
> Reaver's corruption.  Unfortunate."
> [/Sia]

Shaking his head, he sighs.  "Evil often has that power, to defile and
warp even the greatest amongst us.  There's a lesson here, that our
enemy possesses such a power."

> [Sia]
> She then notes the sparks flickering from beneath the stone.  "But
> what is this light...?" she muses, mostly to herself, while
> approaching the stone.  She closes her eyes and extends her hand,
> reciting a short incantation quietly to herself.
> [/Sia]

> [Koba]
> With the complete destruction of the mummy, Koba replaces the pistol back
> the holster. He kicks the remains of the mummy's legs out of the way with
> his boot, Koba reached down to help Ted to his feet.
> As he looks down by the mummy, Koba notices the sparks that appear below
> him. "Thats not what I would expect from inside a tomb." He tried to focus
> and see if he can use his senses to determine what kind of power or device
> is below the floor.
> [/Koba]

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